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Things to do in the Whitsundays

Airlie Beach has the well-deserved reputation as the jump-off point to the Whitsundays, such as Daydream Island, Long Island and the Molle island group, but there are also attractions that can keep you land-based and at a happy distance from the magical Whitsunday Islands.

Why not book your accommodation with us at Mediterranean Resorts as your base to launch your holiday activities. We have secure parking facilities for guests to lock and leave their vehicles on overnight activities or longer.

Conway State Forest and Peninsular Activities

The Whitsunday Great Walk is an enjoyable three day stroll through the lush rainforest of Conway Park Forest which some travel writers have well noted, is not in the Whitsundays, although the islands are rarely far from view.

The walk consists of a 30 kilometer stretch of the Conway State Forest, from Brandy Creek to Airlie Beach. The Great Walk at a leisurely pace takes three-days to hike through. The Whitsundays themselves are visible from many points on the trail (including the summit of Mount Hayward), and there’s always the chance of spotting an orange-footed scrub fowl or a wompoo fruit dove closer to hand. Shorter side walks can be attempted if time is pressing, but if you do plan on the full three days, it’s essential to book places at the camp sites (where toilets and drinking water are provided).

For a hinterland experience in the “Airlie backyard” the forested gullies of the Conway Peninsula are an inland idyll for holiday makers.

Spread out over 22,500 hectares of the Conway Peninsula, this beautiful swatch of lowland rainforest is traditionally home to the Gia and Ngaro tribes. The landscape of hoop pines, rocky outcrops and lush gullies is geographically similar, if not identical to those found on the Whitsundays themselves. The islands were cut off from the peninsula by rising sea levels as recently as 10,000 years ago. While there are a few local wildlife species to be wary of including scrub mites, red-bellied blacksnakes and stinging trees (no hugging!), the park is ideal for a leisurely day’s exploration. Camping permits are required and fishing is permitted from the beach.

Return to The Mediterranean Resort ,the welcome of clean sheets, refreshing spa baths and luxury environs. We can take care of your activity bookings and help you plan your holiday itinerary in the Whitsundays offshore and onshore. Give us a call now, or enquire here.

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